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Posting number 15 for Oct 13, 2016


As part of our post log 5 on July 21,2016, we included an exerpt from “Cold is a Relative Thing” as perceived by Alaskans.
This was obtained from the Tok, Alaska Visitors Center

The complete document is copied below:

Cold is a Relative perceived by Tokites: reprinted from the Mukluk News

+65...Floridians turn on the heat; people in Wisconsin plant gardens, Tokites water ski at 2 a.m. .. .without wet suits!

+60...Californians shiver, people in Wisconsin sunbathe, Tokites consider wetsuits!

+50...Italian and English cars won't start, people in Wisconsin drive with widows down, people in Tok turn up the air conditioner and box fans, and of course are still slathering on "bug dope" (repellant).

+40…Georgians don coats, thermal underwear, gloves and wool hats. People in Wisconsin throw on a flannel shirt while Tokites put on break up boots and wash the car.

+35...New York landlords finally turn on the heat; people in Wisconsin have a final cook out before it gets cold, people in Tok are planting gardens in the spring or picking cranberries in the fan.

+20...Californians fly away to Mexico, people in Wisconsin close the windows and teachers in Tok, Alaska try to convince school kids to wear coats at recess!

   0...Californians declare a disaster, people in Wisconsin get out winter coats and Tokites remorsefully unplug their porch freezers in the fall and gleefully plug them back in in the spring.

-10...Hollywood disintegrates, Girl Scouts in Wisconsin are selling cookies door to door andpeople in Tok start cutting firewood.

-20...Washington D.C. runs out of hot air, people in Wisconsin let the dog sleep indoors and kids in Tok have recess in the gym.

-30...Santa Claus abandons the North Pole, while in Tok people out walking get frosty faces.

-40...All atomic motion stops, people in Wisconsin start saying "Cold enough fer ya?" Tokites are driving to the store for ice cream on bench-like seats in square-tired vehicles.

-50...Hell freezes over, Wisconsin schools will open two hours late, and school in Tok opens as usual. People there are amusing themselves by throwing hot water into the air and watching it turn to vapor while making hissing sounds, thereby contributing to the ice fog in town!

-65... In Tok, Alaska people are watching the fireworks display on New Year's Eve.

-75...Tok makes the national news!

-80...Tokites are asking "Cold enough fer ya?" and watching me thermometer to see if the temperature will drop to a new record low!

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